About Us

KNM started as a full service Shop and Showroom back in 2006. Since then, we've learned that we could help THOUSANDS MORE all over the world if, rather than you coming to our shop and paying for our time, we could show you how to do your own repairs for free (KNM Garage) if we dedicated all our resources into an online presence instead.

We take great pride in the KNM name and Reputation and our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.  Our parts are first tested in our shop, in our own vehicles before we ever offer them for sale! Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog and Our commitment to Customer Service is second to none.

We started out as a family of off road enthusiasts who, like most, were searching for someone who was honest, dependable and most of all, not a "RIP-OFF" when it came to performance parts and service! That search proved to not only be exhausting but expensive as well and this was spread throughout the business, from the manufacturer all the way down to our local service shop! Something had to be done.

Being an "Old-School" family, we believe in getting an honest service at a fair price. A "Word and a Handshake" if you will, and dog gone it, we couldn't find that anywhere, so we did it ourselves!
Since opening our doors in 2006, We have grown to what we are today thanks to our members. We have an exclusive partnership with factories in Taiwan and China to help us design and build the most innovative parts on the planet and we are now making our DR3 Variator kit right here in the U.S.! (We believe we are the first to do this!)
We live this stuff and are always striving to learn more and share our knowledge with you!

Thanks to our customers, members and all of our new friends, KNM has quickly become a household name! Our videos on YouTube have been a big hit and we're getting better at making them too so, Thank you for visiting and giving us a chance to show you how business should be done! Visit our informative web site for an even better example of what we are talking about at www.KNMGarage.com and enjoy!

-Tom, Robin, Ryan, Nick and Vinny-
KNM Parts 717-825-0669