Variator DR3 Kit GY6 150cc w Sliders

Super DR3 Variator, Super quick!
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  • Item #: Variator DR3 Kit 18x14 150cc
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DR3 GY6 150
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Our new DR3 has been thouroughly prototyped and tested and is now available to the public!
KNM has not only improved our original DR2 Variator but now, we're making the NEW Race modified DR3 right here in the USA with a local, family run shop!
U.S. Money should stay in the U.S.!

This kit includes 3 complete sets of KNM polygon slider weights to tune with!
10gram, 12gram & 14grams (Over a $90 value alone!)

If you liked our DR2, you're going to LOVE our DR3!

No more trading your top end for low end torque like you do
in any other Variator, in fact testing showed an increase in top end speed too!!

Guaranteed, NO HYPE, NO FLUFF, NO other Variator can touch our DR3

Larger slide face (115mm) & ramps that are specifically designed to get the most out of your Polygon weights. We have greatly improved take off and top end!

It's the most tunable and user friendly variator on the market AND,
we knock the snot out of the "the Doctors" variator performance, without breaking a sweat!

The DR3 kit comes with everything you need:

-115mm fixed fan,

-Hi ramped 115mm variator,
-Backing plate with durable nylon guides,
-Center Boss pin and

-3 sets of Slider weights
(6pcs each)-
-10 gram Polygon sliders,

-12 gram Polygon sliders,
-14 gram Polygon sliders 

Use just one weight set or,
Alternate 2 sets to detail tune your shifting point for low end, Mid range and Top end or 
anywhere in between! (ie: Alternate (3) 10's and (3) 12's  for low and mid range, or, 12's and 14's for more mid range and top end. So many combinations to adjust to your needs and our special ramps will accentuate the positive!!

There's nothing else that even comes close to it and
it just slides on and bolts right up in just a couple minutes!
(1 fan nut, it's that easy!)

This kit will fit Most GY6 150cc long & short case,
Scooters, Ruckus 150 converts,
Mini Buggy, Go kart and ATV's with a CVT type transmission
and a 110-115mm outer fan diameter.

Check your measurements for proper fit.

Our DR3 measurements
Outer Fan-115mm
Boss Pin
(tube that goes in center of the variator and over your crank shaft)
24mm O.D.
15mm I.D.
51.5mm long
(If you have the same first 2 measurements, the DR3 will still work, just use your stock boss pin!)

Want to know more?
Click on our KNM GARAGE site and
We'll show you how to install & tune your new DR3, step by step!!
Get the scoop on this upgrade and more, in a simple to understand format!


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